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I liked it for the most part. The cancer part not so much, just because of personal shit. A bit short, but overall loved Timmy!

I love it.

I wish you just made this a bit more long, I was disappointed when all he did was lick it. It'd be sooo great if he swallowed it again. I'm still trying to think of all the ways to be able to throw up your heart but nothing easy came to mind. But basically I love it. Continue more work random as this Edmund. You're awesome.

Pretty Good.

I liked your art and animation style alot, it stands out a bit from other submissions. The only thing was the first bit of fighting when people had perfect circles in them wasn't my preference for being in a fight scene but it's no big deal. The turn of the events was pretty cool. I liked how they all ate noodles at the end, because noodles kick ass. So the length of the movie was good, so more stuff in the future like this would be pretty cool. Just one last thing.. the file size is a tad big, 10.6 MB. The film doesn't have enough in it to have to be that high, try and see if you can shrink that a bit if you got the time.

That was hilarious

I haven't watched anything in awhile that actually made me laugh outloud. This was great, the jokes were original and the art was great. idk wat else to say, it was just great.

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I enjoyed it. It was nice and simple idea but it was expressed pretty interestingly. I'm not sure why some people just have the need to hate your work, I thought it was good.

..you serious?

Well to start off nothing here seems "official" so you shouldn't have that in your comments. The audio quality was bad, and the visual was stickfigures with instruments move back n' forth between two different frames. The FPS was way to high for something like this. But seriously... this doesn't show us anything, and if I wanted to hear any songs by Tool I can just go to iTunes, playlist.com, pandora.com, or something else. So really this is pretty useless. Try and atleast make like a music video or something.

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Not enough to submit

Only thing I liked was the music and the dance animations of the characters (Which I dont think you created) The first thing that annoyed me was that on the side of the building was huge grey bars. Then you didn't do anything else with it and it became a constant loop. I was really atleast expecting to see everyone get shot and blood spray across the window since its madness and all but ya didnt. Honestly you shouldn't hurry to upload something NG. If you want to use madness go ahead and make a tribute or a parody or something but really you need to come up with some real concept for this.

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I love it. I like it when he gets excited about the box and actually gets on it. The concept was great and the art of the character was pretty great. I like your choice of a program to use since Maya always seems to export everything nicely. The animation reminded me of a few summers ago at a camp at MIT, I was able to take a 3D modeling/animation course. So watching a 3D film reminded me of it and I just really liked it. So really good job the character smoothness was nice.

Good but..

I liked the art but, voice acting clearly is calling for an update. So, could be good if you are actually making this into a full flash. Good luck if you do.

Animattions responds:

Thank you, yeah i'll need to improve on the voice acting for Link, i'm trying to sort out the perfect voice for him atm. Thanks again!

Could be fixed up a bit....

First off I gotta say, bit too many cocks don't you think? The only really could cock part was when then Tankman said cock joke. I particularly liked the Salad Fingers part, I'm not sure why, but I think it's just his facial expression. The sound sometimes had kindaof this slight static I could hear, but it was pretty minor and I'm surprised I heard it. The screamer was kinda stupid I think, reasonable to be in there but I didnt make a reaction to it at all so it seemed alittle dull. The art itself was kindaof a relief after all the junk I go through in the flash portal. (fucking stick figures) I don't agree that bleach is really stupid but watever. I liked the part with foamy, and the background music, then the general opening was actually just pretty good. Just for if you make another one of these, I gotta say, way less cocks, there was like 8, next time maybe 1 or preferably none. I don't think this really covered newgrounds though. It showed some of it but there was tons of stuff not really shown thats pretty popular. So maybe if you make something new it might be better, this was a good start through.

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