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I liked it for the most part. The cancer part not so much, just because of personal shit. A bit short, but overall loved Timmy!

I love it.

I wish you just made this a bit more long, I was disappointed when all he did was lick it. It'd be sooo great if he swallowed it again. I'm still trying to think of all the ways to be able to throw up your heart but nothing easy came to mind. But basically I love it. Continue more work random as this Edmund. You're awesome.

Pretty Good.

I liked your art and animation style alot, it stands out a bit from other submissions. The only thing was the first bit of fighting when people had perfect circles in them wasn't my preference for being in a fight scene but it's no big deal. The turn of the events was pretty cool. I liked how they all ate noodles at the end, because noodles kick ass. So the length of the movie was good, so more stuff in the future like this would be pretty cool. Just one last thing.. the file size is a tad big, 10.6 MB. The film doesn't have enough in it to have to be that high, try and see if you can shrink that a bit if you got the time.

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It was fun for a round or two but it didn't hold much replay value or anything. Next time there should be maybe some pretty pictures and more difficulty

I love it.

This is great. It's not really that hard but it's still fun. Alot of the challenge I think was really just timing but I enjoyed it. The art was great and the noises he makes are kinda funny. There wasn't really any problems so ya, keep making great stuff.

So... Addicting..

I'm giving this a 10, since honestly I don't see any flaws with this game. I gotta say, this was addicting. The music, the lights, the mass overflow of stuff to deal with, it was great. If you can ever find how, this would be good for multiplayer probably. More stuff like this would be good.

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